Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beatles to release limited edition 'Yellow Submarine' picture disc single

Three views of the new "Yellow Submarine"/"Eleanor Rigby" picture disc. (Courtesy Subafilms)

 The Beatles announced on social media May 30 they'll release a limited edition vinyl picture disc single of "Yellow Submarine"/"Eleanor Rigby." The mixes are taken from "1" and "1+," according to a source we asked at UMG. The release date is July 6. You can order this directly  from or (Canada). Using these links helps us and we appreciate you doing so.  The movie will be back on the big screen starting in July. Tickets are now available at

Monday, May 28, 2018

Free Kindle Beatles book worth at least a look

Happened to catch this book "Life on Two Legs" in the Amazon Kindle store yesterday. It's written by the founder of Trident Studios. The foreward is by Paul McCartney. The opening chapter talks about the recording of "Hey Jude." It's free, at least for now. (Prices are known to change without warning in the Kindle store, from my experience.) Worth at least checking out since it's free. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Cilla Black compilations feature Lennon-McCartney and Lennon remixes, album produced by George Martin

"All Mixed Up"/"Beginnings
Revisited"  (Cherry Red Records)

Cherry Red Records has announced two new 2-CD Cilla Black compilations coming on July 20 -- "Surround Yourself With Cilla"/"It Makes Me Feel Good" and "All Mixed Up"/"Beginnings Revisited."  (Order from here.) The second, however, will be of special interest since it includes dance remixes of a Lennon-McCartney song she recorded "Step Inside Love" and  reworked versions of John Lennon's "Imagine" and Ringo's "Photograph."

The two titles each combine lineups of two previously released CDs. "All Mixed Up"/"Beginnings Revisited" were her last two CDs.  "Beginnings Revisited" featured new versions of early songs.  George Martin produced "Surround Yourself With Cilla," which featured cover versions of songs by the Bee Gees, Paul Simon and Harry Nilsson.  Each set also includes a Cilla interview.

(Order from here.)
"Surround Yourself With Cilla"/"It
Makes Me Feel Good" (Cherry
Red Records)

+ Tracks appearing on CD for first time

Track listing for "All Mixed Up"/"Beginnings Revisited":

 Disc One: Cilla All Mixed Up:  1.Step Inside Love(Almighty Radio Edit)+ 2.Something Tells Me(Almighty Mix) 3.Anyone Who Had A Heart (Almighty Mix) 4.Baby We Can’t Go Wrong (Almighty Radio Edit)+ 5. I Don't Know How To Love Him(David Lee Marks Radio Edit)+ 6.Beautiful Goodbye (Klubkidz Extended Mix)+ 7.Faded Images (Tommy Sandhu's Ram Mix)+ 8.Kiss You All Over (Tommy Sandhu's Big Bill Mix)+ 9. A Fool Am I (Marley M Remix)+ 10. Your Song (Pookadelic Remix)+ 11.Step Inside Love (DJ Ronstar -Step In Daclub Mix)+ 12. Something Tells Me (Dan Thomas Club Mix)+ Bonus Tracks: 13.Black Paper Roses(2009 Chicken Feed Remix) 14. Imagine (Matt Pop Club Mix)

Disc Two: Beginnings: Revisited  1. Kiss You All Over (2009 Mix)+ 2. Imagine (2009 Mix)-With Cliff Richard + 3.BEAUTIFUL Goodbye(2009 Mix -Full Version)+ 4.Let There Be Love (2009 Mix)+ 5.Beginnings (2009 Mix)+ 6.This Kiss (2009 Mix -Extended Version)+ 7.My Man (YOU’VE Changed My Tune) (2009 Mix)+ 8. If You Could Read My Mind(2009 Mix)+ 9. I've Been Wrong Before (2009 Mix)+ 10. Photograph (2009 Mix)+ 11. Anyone Who Had A Heart (LATE Night Version)(2009 Remix)+ 12. Step Inside Love (All Burnt Out Remix) 13. Kiss You All Over(2009 Acoustic Mix) 14.Imagine (2009 Acoustic Mix)+ 15. Beautiful Goodbye (Klubkidz Remix -Radio Edit) 16.Imagine(2009 Orchestral Mix)+ 17. My Man (YOU’VE Changed My Tune) (2009 Alternate Mix)+ 18.Beautiful Goodbye(2009 Stripped Down Mix)

Track listing for "Surround Yourself With Cilla"/"It Makes Me Feel So Good": 

Disc One: Surround Yourself With Cilla:   1.Aquarius 2.Without Him 3.Only Forever Will Do 4.You'll Never Get To Heaven (IF You Break My Heart) 5. Forget Him 6.It'll Never Happen Again 7. Think Of Me 8. I am A Woman 9.Words 10.Red Rubber Ball 11.Liverpool Lullaby 12.Surround Yourself With Sorrow bonus Tracks 13. London Bridge 14.Your Heart Is Free (JUST Like The Wind) 15.Quando Si Spezza Un Grande Amore (Mono) 16.SURROUND Yourself With Sorrow (False Start) 17. Surround Yourself With Sorrow(Take 9 -2009 Mix –Without Fade) 18.Aquarius(Mono)+ 19.Without Him (Mono)+ 20.ONLY Forever Will Do (Mono)+ 21.YOU'LL Never Get To Heaven (IF You Break My Heart) (Mono)+ 22. FORGET Him (Mono)+ 23.THINK Of Me (Mono)+ 24.WORDS (Mono)+ 25.RED Rubber Ball (Mono)+ 26. LIVERPOOL Lullaby (Mono) 27. SURROUND Yourself With Sorrow (Mono)+

Disc Two: It Makes Me Feel Good: 1.Something About You 2.I'll Take A Tango 3.September Love Affair 4.Lay The Music Down 5.San Diego Serenade + 6.HEARTBEAT 7.RUNNING Out Of World+ 8.To Know Him Is To Love Him 9.It Makes Me Feel Good 10.Lay It All Down 11.One Step From Your Arms 12.Lovin' Land + BONUS Tracks 13.Fantasy 14.It’s Now 15.I Believe (When I Fall In Love, It Will Be Forever) 16. Easy In Your Company + 17.Little Things Mean A Lot 18.A Bad Case Of Rock 'N' Roll 19.Slow Dance+