Saturday, October 31, 2015

Strange Lennon memorial item to be auctioned

Can't imagine why anyone would own a pocket knife saying "In memory of the great John Lennon," much less buy one at auction, but one's being sold in an Antiques & Police Seizure Auction (that's the title) in Stockton, Ca. on Nov. 15. Its worth is estimated as $25 to $50. There aren't any other Beatle-related items in the auction, if you're curious. 

Countdown to the Beatles '1' DVD/CD - What's in store, part 2 of 7: The deluxe book

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With the release date of the "Beatles 1" and "1+" DVDs coming next Friday, this is the second of a few advance looks of what you'll find. (Part 1 is here.)

The booklet:

If you buy either the Deluxe DVD or Deluxe Blu-ray edition (outside of the U.S., order it here), you'll get a 124-page book (see above) that includes detailed notes on both the recording of each song with recording dates, the various recording personnel (including George Martin, Geoff Emerick and Norman Smith), the chart history in both the U.S. and UK and the story of the making of each video, with filming dates, directors and locations. (See picture below.) The songs are discussed in a two-page entry that also includes a photo. 

For example, for "Help!,' which is represented on the set from the session done at Twickenham Studios on Nov. 23, 1965 and not the movie, the text discusses the history and recording of the song, Beatles comments (in this case, John Lennon saying it was a cry for help) and where the video was first seen (the BBC's "Top of the Pops" show). 

Additionally, there's an 11-page appreciation of all the videos by Mark Allen in the front of the book. The book is only available in the deluxe three-disc set that includes two DVDs or Blu-rays and the remastered/remixed CD. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Beatles "1" restoration trailer 3 of 5: The "Something" video

Tom Barrett and Lisa Copson discuss and show examples of the restoration process of the Beatles videos for the "1" DVD, using an example the video for "Something."

You can order the DVD and CD for many countries at this link on the right hand side of the page.

Countdown to the 'Beatles 1' DVD/CD - What's in store, part 1 of 7

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With the release date of the "Beatles 1" and "1+" DVDs coming next Friday, we thought we'd give you a few advance tastes of what's to come. 

Part 1 - The commentaries: 

In today's opener, we'll mention the commentaries. Each Beatle has done something for four videos. Ringo Starr has filmed introductions for "Penny Lane," "Hello, Goodbye," "Hey Jude" and "Get Back." Paul McCartney has done audio commentaries for "Penny Lane," "Hello, Goodbye," "Hey Jude" and "Strawberry Fields Forever." 

Paul's commentaries are interesting and informative. He is not seen, but his audio is over the video shown on the screen, just like commentaries on feature film DVDs. On "Hey Jude," for example, he talks about how director Michael Lindsay-Hogg set up the video, how the crowd was recruited and how it was shot. He's in a relaxed mood, often joking like he usually does. 

Unlike Paul's commentaries in which you don't see him, Ringo's introductions show him sitting at a monitor watching the videos. On "Penny Lane," both he and Paul recall how the horse Ringo was riding during the shoot was not on his best behavior. 

You can individually select the videos that Ringo and Paul talk from from the main menu. 

If you haven't already, you can order the various configurations for various parts of the world on this page.    

Part 2 will appear Saturday. See you then. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lennon, Harrison chats included in new book of Smith Tapes interviews

A new book of printed interviews by DJ Howard Smith that includes chats with both George Harrison and John Lennon and Yoko Ono comes out next week from Princeton Architectural Press. "The Smith Tapes: Lost Interviews with Rock Stars & Icons 1969 - 1972", edited by Ezra Bookstein, also includes interviews with Eric Clapton, Jane Fonda, Jerry Garcia, Abbie Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Jim Morrison, Lou Reed, Frank Zappa and many more icons of the '60s, a total of 61 all together. Very interesting, and very nicely priced, too. ($14 in paperback, $25 in Amazon's Kindle.) (Thanks to Mike R.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paul McCartney "Say Say Say" "Record Store Day" release

Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Concord/Hear Music

Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

More Info: "2015 remix of the 1983 hit "Say Say Say" originally recorded with Michael Jackson for the album Pipes of Peace. Artwork features silver and black ink with a graphite finish, and the vinyl is transparent. B-side is an instrumental version of the song. This remix is exclusive to this limited edition piece."

Track List

"Say Say Say (2015 Remix)"/"Say Say Say (Instrumental)"

New Beatles "1" DVD radio special with Beatles interviews

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"In the Studio with Redbeard" has a two-part special on the new "1" DVD that includes interviews with Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Part 1:

Paul McCartney retraces the Beatles with Redbeard from Liverpool to the stage of the Ed Sullivan Show fifty years ago, writing music history with every #1 song including “Love Me Do”,”She Loves You”,”I Want to Hold Your Hand”,”Can’t Buy Me Love”,”Hard Day’s Night”,”Eight Days a Week”,”Ticket to Ride”,Help!”,”Yesterday”,”Day Tripper”, and “Paperback Writer”. We include excerpts of Redbeard‘s conversations with the late George Harrison, as well. Part one of two.

Part 2:

Part two of the Beatles 1+ sellers including “Lady Madonna”,”Hey Jude”,”Get Back”,”Something”,”Come Together”,”Let It Be”, and “The Long and Winding Road”. Paul McCartney hosts part two, and additional comments from my interviews with the late George Harrison are here, too. –Redbeard

It's available to stream on the internet. Here is part one. And part two is here. And you can order the DVD from several countries here. (Thanks to Bill Harry for the alert.)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's coming up this Beatles week

Steve Marinucci

As we wrote on, it'll be a big week for Ringo Starr, whose All-Starr Band tour is winding down with some events in the New York area, including a book store appearance in the Big Apple. You can win a copy of Ringo's book from my "Things We Said Today" partner Ken Michaels.

And look for another restored video from the "Beatles 1" DVD and another "Beatles 1" restoration trailer.

On the calendar: October 26 marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' MBE Awards. And on October 29, say happy birthday to Denny Laine (born in 1944). Check out the Denny Laine CDs and vinyl available on Amazon.

And the latest marketing idea from the Fabs: Beatles lava lamps.

This day in Beatles history: October 25

On Oct. 25, 1964: The Beatles are honored with five Ivor Novello awards for most outstanding contribution to music, the most broadcast song and best-selling record (“She Loves You”) and second most outstanding song (“All My Loving”).

Wikimedia Commons
On Oct. 25, 1968, John Lennon and Yoko Ono announce Yoko is pregnant. However, she has a miscarriage in November.

On Oct. 25, 1973, John Lennon filed suit in Manhattan Federal Court over the wiretaps used by the government against him and his attorney Leon Wildes in their attempt to deport him.  

On Oct. 25, 2009, a rare pressing of the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" album made only for Capitol Records employees is revealed. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

New Dark Hall Mansion Beatles "Pepperland" print

Dark Hall Mansion announced today its latest officially licensed Beatles limited 
edition print, "Pepperland," by contemporary artist Marq Spusta will go on sale next Tuesday, October 27 at Dark Hall Mansion's store page

The officially licensed Beatles "Pepperland" limited edition Standard print measures 36" x 24." It's a 10-color screen print, hand numbered, with all editions signed by Spusta himsel, and limited to a worldwide run of 455 pieces. Cost is $90. 

The Gold Variant edition is a 36" x 24" 10-color screen print on a golden paper stock personally chosen by Marq, hand numbered, and artist-signed. This edition is limited to only 150 pieces worldwide. It's priced at $125. 

The exclusive Foil edition "Pepperland" measures 36" x 24," is a nine-color screen print on foil stock and is also hand numbered and artist-signed. It is limited to only 30 editions worldwide and is priced at $195. 

 According to DHM, the artwork has been a year in the making. They can also be viewed at DHM"s blog and Facebook pageMore information can be found on these and other editions on their website

Barnes & Noble offering Beatles and McCartney exclusives

Retailer Barnes & Noble announced Oct. 23 they are offering this week a special package of four 7 inch vinyl Beatles singles that will also include a poster and a 45 RPM hub for turntables. The vinyl singles box of four previously released singles will pair the tracks “Ticket To Ride” and “Yes It Is,” “Yellow Submarine” and “Eleanor Rigby,” “Hey Jude” and “Revolution” and “Come Together” and “Something.” We searched, however, and couldn't find a link online.

B&N is also offering exclusives in the vinyl versions of the recently released Paul McCartney "Tug of War" and “Pipes of Peace” reissues. “Tug of War” includes a limited edition 7" single of "Ebony and Ivory" with "Rainclouds" in a color sleeve reproduction of the original release. “Pipes of Peace” includes the 7" single of "Pipes of Peace" with "So Bad" in a color sleeve. Both will be out Oct. 30. 

Not to mention, also, that B&N will have the November MOJO with the Beatles on the cover and the special Fabs related CD. (Thanks to Kris Tash.)

New Beatles "1" restoration trailer! (2 of 5)

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The Beatles posted a new YouTube video on the extensive restoration work involved in the creation of the new "Beatles 1" and "Beatles 1+" DVD, the second of five such trailers.  This video focuses mostly on "Penny Lane." You can find links to order the new DVDs for the U.S., the UK and several other countries here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Beatles novel set during Beatlemania

"From Me To You" is a new coming-of-age novel set during the Beatlemania era written by Garry Berman and Kelly Marie Thompson. The story begins in the summer of 1963 when transcontinental pen pals Ricky Kramer in New Jersey, and Maggie Carter in Liverpool, have been sharing their enthusiasm for the Beatles. 

Authors Berman and Thompson are themselves pen pals with Berman living in the U.S. and Thompson in the UK. Berman is also the author of several books on British pop culture, including "We're Going to See the Beatles!": An Oral History of Beatlemania as Told by the Fans Who Were There." 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When Beatlemania came to "Petticoat Junction"

This one will surely jog the memory banks. It did ours. Remember The Ladybugs on "Petticoat Junction"? Remember them singing "I Saw Him Standing There"? (Yes, HIM.) Read the history and watch the Ladybugs on Beatles Examiner.

New Beatles video from "1" is out there now ...

Here are the details from our Beatles Examiner column. And as we reported here recently, this is only the first. More are to come.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

New bootlegs from Japan

Two new boots of note from Japan. One is "Top Gear," which, according to Collectors Music Reviews, features an upgrade of the recording sessions from the BBC Playhouse Theatre, London from Nov. 17, 1964, including outtakes and skits, along with the final broadcast. .

Also coming is a new one from Badfinger, "Demo, Outtake and Rarerities" (misspelling included). 

DISC 1: CARRY ON TIL TOMORROW – 1969 demo / KNOCKING DOWN OUR HOME – 1968 demo given to Paul McCartney / MAYBE TOMORROW – 1969 recording for BBC radio / JOHN FORGOT TO SING – 1970 Pete Ham demo / NO MATTER WHAT – 1970 early mix w/alternate lead vocal / I CAN’T TAKE IT – 1970- alternate/extended mix – no horns / NO MATTER WHAT – 1970 ‘Top Of The Pops’ live vocal version with fixed intro / WITHOUT YOU – 1969 Pete Ham demo / WITHOUT YOU – 1969 Tom Evans demo- speed corrected / WE’RE FOR THE DARK – 1970 alternate mix- different guitar overdubs, no horns or strings / I’LL BE THE ONE – 1970 rehearsal / TAKE IT ALL – 1971 Pete Ham demo / DAY AFTER DAY – 1971 rough mix alternate lead vocal and lacking overdubs / NAME OF THE GAME – 1971 unreleased Al Kooper single mix / DO YOU MIND – 1972 “Ass” outtake – 1st unreleased version from upgraded source / DO YOU MIND – “Ass” outtake – piano based version – unreleased to date / COPPERTONE BLUES – new composite version from original Pete Ham demo and 1972 “Ass” outtake backing track / SHINE ON – 1973 rehearsal / OH WOW – 1973 unfinished track from self-titled Warner Bros. sessions – a.k.a. ‘Love My Lady’ / SONG FOR A LOST FRIEND – 1973 rough mix of finished take with extend ending / WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE – 1973 rough mix of finished take with piano vs. steel drums / IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER – 1974 undubbed Pete Ham demo / JUST HOW LUCKY WE ARE – 1974 longer Pete Ham demo / RINGSIDE – 1975 1st Pete Ham demo / RINGSIDE – 1975 longer Pete Ham demo – one of his final recordings / DENNIS – 2006 edit version from ‘Perfection; The songs of Badfinger’s Pete Ham & Tom Evans promo cd
DISC 2: LAY ME DOWN – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / TURN AROUND – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / KEEP BELIEVING – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / ROCKIN’ MACHINE – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / PASSED FAST – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / SAVILLE ROW – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / MOONSHINE – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CONTRACT – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / BACK AGAIN – Alternate take Warner Bros. mix / HEY, MR. MANAGER – This is the rough mix done by engineer Phil McDonald, at Apple Studios on December 15, 1974.
SECRET BONUS TRACK PIANO RED – Unreleased / SWEET TUESDAY MORNING – Alternate take / NO GOOD AT ALL – Straight up unreleased / LOVING YOU – Alternate version / DREAMING – Ass unreleased / ROCK’N’ROLLER – Ass unreleased / REGULAR – Alternate version / REGULAR – Alternate mix / WHEN I SAY – Early take / BLIND OWL – Early rehearsaL / TIMELESS – Early take / TIMELESS – Alternate take / I CAN LOVE YOU – Take #7

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Is this John Lennon or isn't it?

This picture said to be from 1980 and taken in Greenwich Village at Halloween, isn't actually confirmed to be John Lennon, but comments on Facebook (where I saw it first), for what it's worth, seem to think it's him. There's also a color version (see below). (It was printed in a BBC article in 2005 and identified as him.)

Update: Someone on the Hoffman board found a picture of John and Yoko out on bicycles. And the bike John is sitting on resembles the one in the picture above. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

First new Beatles '1' promotional video will be ....

We recently told you that several new Beatles videos would be released to promote the upcoming release of the Beatles "1" DVD and the Beatles deluxe edition "1+" DVD.

We now have a little more information on exactly what that first video will be and when it will appear. A reliable source has told us that the first video will be "Revolution" and it will appear Oct. 20 on VEVO.

"Concert for Bangladesh" about to be reissued?

It's been quiet with "The Concert for Bangladesh" lately. There hasn't been a reissue of the DVD since 2005 and the CD since 2006. And as we reported on Beatles Examiner, it was not included in the list of George Harrison albums that started being streamed this week on several worldwide services. 

But that could be about to change. A source has told us that "The Concert For Bangladesh" will soon be moving from Warner Bros. to Universal Music Group and a new reissue could very well be in the works at that point. 

Watch this space.   

Friday, October 16, 2015

George Harrison albums now on many streaming services, but not all

George Harrison's solo catalog made its debut on many streaming websites Oct 16. Here's our report on what's available and where on Beatles Examiner.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New phase of promotion for "Beatles 1" DVD about to begin

Watch for a group of videos to be released in the next few days with various media partners to tie in with the promotion for the new Beatles "1" and "1+" DVD.

A total of five will be released, a reliable source says. The first two will be launched on Vevo, the third with Mashable, the last two to local online and broadcast partners.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A new cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows"

This is by the Turnback, the final track from the band's just released first album "Are We There Yet?" The album draws on influences from Fountains of Wayne, The Byrds, Sloan, as well as the Beatles. 

Retro Paul McCartney T-shirts on sale today for $15

T-shirts as pictured, available for men and women both, on sale at Wolfgang's Vault for 24 hours for $15. Other shirts, including Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, are also on sale, but these are the only Beatles-related sale items.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New interview: Yoko Ono talks about John, John's killer and much more

In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Yoko Ono discusses many topics, though the headline, "I still fear John's killer," is designed to get attention. The interview borders on a tabloid type (she discusses John's attitude about bisexuality and addresses the rumors about him and Brian Epstein), but there's a lot more, so we hesitate to summarize it on just that. It's good to see her talk about John again, though. Funny how it makes all of us feel good. Hope it does for her, too. It's a good read.

New Ringo Starr album coming

As we reported in Beatles Examiner today, Ringo Starr will record a new album early next year starting in January. He told the Toronto Sun another All-Starr Band tour is also likely. The guy never stops.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Beatles Lounge closing in Vegas

The Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage in Vegas is closing, reports Vegas A non-Beatles restaurant is set to take over.

Beatles 101: The Beatles "1" DVD: our complete coverage

All you need to know as reported on Beatles Examiner and here on this blog. Follow us!!!

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Oct. 22: Beatles premiere newly restored version of 'Hello, Goodbye' video
Oct. 21: Another Beatles 1 video preview online
Oct. 20: The Beatles debut brand new 'Revolution' video to promote '1' DVD
Oct. 15: New phase of promotion for Beatles "1" DVD about to begin
Oct. 11: First ad for the Beatles "1" DVD
Oct. 11: More new details emerge about upcoming Beatles "1" DVD
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Sept. 16: Beatles fans overwhelmingly ecstatic about new '1' DVD release
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Sept. 16: Beatles '1+' ordering options for the U.S., UK, Canada, Japan, Germany
Sept. 15:  Beatles answering fans' wishes for their iconic videos in brand new '1+' release
Sept. 12: Mysterious Beatles video teases fans that something big might be in the works

Photos courtesy Apple Corps Ltd.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

First ad for the "Beatles 1" DVD

Haven't seen this in the U.S. yet, but this first ad for the new "Beatles 1" DVD is in the UK. It's in the November issue of Record Collector (Kinks on the cover.)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Mark Lewisohn interview

"Beatles Confidential: Mark Lewisohn in His Own Write" from Critics At Large, published 10/9/15, doesn't reveal a lot new (and still shows the estimated arrival of Volume 2, as we've written, at 2020), but it's a good conversation that includes another look at his research process. Worth reading. You can read it here.

McCartney prizes (and more) in October

Ken Michaels, one of my co-hosts on "Things We Said Today," will be giving out special prizes on his website this month. "I'm giving away the "Tug Of War" and "Pipes Of Peace" remasters, the "Hollywood Vampires" CD and Jeff Lynne's ELO DVD "Live At Hyde Park." These 4 prizes will be available for the entire month of October on my Beatles Trivia & Games page."

Our Beatles Examiner coverage of John Lennon's 75th birthday

Oct. 10:  Beatles fans from Liverpool to Los Angeles celebrate Lennon's 75th birthday

Oct. 9: Annual Theatre Within John Lennon Tribute sets 35th anniversary lineup (on

Oct. 9:  Exclusive: Chip Madinger reveals first details of his epic 'Lennonology,' part 2

Oct.8: Peter Noone releasing new John Lennon tribute single for Beatle's 75th birthday

Oct. 8: John Lennon's hometown of Liverpool kicks off party for his 75th birthday

Oct. 8: Beatles, John Lennon films can be streamed during 75th birthday weekend

Oct. 6: No world record, but big crowd joins Yoko Ono human peace sign

Oct. 6: John Lennon birthday party at Beatles museum to sing 'Imagine No Food Poverty'

Oct. 5: Book exclusive: A night partying with John Lennon by Beatles fan Dave Morrell

 Oct. 4: John Lennon's 75th birthday events to include world records, Beatles history 

 Oct. 1:: Exclusive: Chip Madinger reveals first details of his epid 'Lennonology,' part 1

Janis Joplin sings 'Happy Birthday' to John Lennon

A wild little improvisation Janis Joplin recorded for John Lennon in 1970.

Friday, October 9, 2015

John Lennon birthday specials

Pop Market has several John Lennon 75th birthday specials it is offering today (10.9.15) with some very good prices for 24 hours only. The Lennon Signature CD box (priced at $85.99), the Lennon remastered vinyl box ($159.99) and the Box of Vision ($44.99) are all available with free shipping. By comparison, Amazon has the Signature box for $147.08 from them (though cheaper from third party dealers but not with free shipping), the remastered vinyl box at $155.54 and the Box of Vision for $71.