Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A holiday Beatles-Star Wars surprise from Pallette Swap-Ninja

If you recall, we wrote about Pallette Swap-Ninja, who did the Star Wars/Sgt. Pepper mash-up for Billboard in the later part of 2018 on the occasion of their one-and-only live performance of the album in Berkeley, CA., which we attended. 

Well, we got a surprise in our emails this week that they've released a full recording (unofficial) of the live show. The concert, in addition to the album, included a tribute to Carrie Fisher and a sing-along to "Hey Jude." (We posted some videos on our Beatles News and Information group last year as well.)

Here's the information they sent us on the recording and where you can get it:

 Greetings from Palette-Swap Ninja! We really didn't think we'd have a reason to write you again, but it's a good one. It's a holiday miracle! 

We recently discovered an audio recording of the entire live show -- with a caveat. Brendan West captured the ambience of the room on a seperate recording system. It's the complete show including the encores and it's in stereo!'s a bit drum-heavy and brass-heavy, and it's hard to make out all the lyrics if you don't know the original work (which you do). We feel it sounds like a decent bootleg. So that's what we're calling it -- the Official Bootleg! 

You can download it from our website here:

If you have any trouble with those links, drop us a line. We think it's really nice to hear a full document of that incredible night, even if it's not an optimal recording. We have come to cherish all the memories of the live event, so this is worth preserving, warts and all. Huge thanks to Brendan for supplying this file!
Happy holidays and MTFBWY!
Dan & Jude