Monday, February 8, 2016

New Beatles live in Atlantic City 1964 CD --- or is it something else?

Available from on February 26, "The Beatles - Live at the Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1964" on Livewire Records. The description says "From an FM broadcast," which you can take or leave. The track list:  "Twist and Shout," "You Can't Do That," "All My Loving," "She Loves You," "Things We Said Today," "Roll Over Beethoven," "Can't Buy Me Love," "If I Fell," "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "Boys," "A Hard Day's Night," "Long Tall Sally."

We haven't heard the new disc, but according to write-ups about the so-called FM broadcast at the time (in 2014), this is the Fabs at the Convention Hall in Philadelphia, which has been out for many many years under many names including "Live at Atlanta Whiskey Flat." But if you don't have that, this is a cheap way to get it. Quality is very good. But it's not Atlantic City. 

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