Friday, April 8, 2016

Beatles release three new "Anthology" podcasts

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Three new podcasts about the Beatles "Anthology" albums just became available through iTunes. They feature British music journalists and Beatles experts Kevin Holwett and Mark Ellen discussing the Anthology releases and the stories behind the albums. There are separate shows, each about 11 minutes long, on "Anthology 1," "Anthology 2" and "Anthology 3." As these are authorized by Capitol, they are not critical of the albums, but the two men do talk about the music on them and their significance in the Beatles story. The new podcasts tie in with the recent adding of the albums now being streamed

A much better set of podcasts about the Beatles Anthology is the unauthorized series that came out around Christmastime which have pretty much disappeared. Our "Things We Said Today" show also did a special analysis of the "Anthology" for its 20th anniversary. 

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