Friday, February 24, 2017

Blast from the past: Singer pens George Harrison tribute that sounds like him

One of our favorite columns from the Beatles Examiner days was this one about our discovering Mike Geraghty's tribute to George Harrison. What was so great was his finished version sounded a lot like George. A lot!

Here's that column again. Mike contacted me tonight for another reason, but this seemed like a good time to bring this one back -- with the video. (Nice going again, Mike!):

Singer pens George Harrison tribute that sounds like him

Mike Geraghty says his tribute to George Harrison, “Still With You,” while not a George Harrison song, reflects as much of him as he could put in it.

“A little while after George Harrison's passing I wanted to compose a tribute to him and his music,” he told us by email. “I chose to approach the song as though George himself were writing it. What would he say to his family, friends and fans. I also wanted to include his deep spirituality and tongue in cheek sense of humor. Then to cap it all off I attempted to write it in Harrison's style.”
The song, which you can hear in the video spot and which he says was done “pretty much one take with over dubbed harmonies,” has an amazing similarity to George Harrison.

“I have been a fan of the Beatles since I was a kid and also studied their solo material. I think I learned all that I needed to know about songwriting from them,” he said. “George Harrison was an amazing writer and performer and I feel like I know him though I've never met him. So, the vocal work on this track came from a place of love and an attempt to honor George's memory and perhaps reassure his family friends and fans...and myself that he lives on in his music and message. That idea that he is still with us.”

“Still With You” is his first tribute, though not the first song he's in the style of a recording artist. “I do like to try writing in the style of my favourite artists. Like a song called "I'll Be Loving You" that I wrote for James Taylor to perform. You can see it on YouTube.” “Still With You (Tribute to George Harrison)” is available on and iTunes.

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