Saturday, October 31, 2015

Countdown to the Beatles '1' DVD/CD - What's in store, part 2 of 7: The deluxe book

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With the release date of the "Beatles 1" and "1+" DVDs coming next Friday, this is the second of a few advance looks of what you'll find. (Part 1 is here.)

The booklet:

If you buy either the Deluxe DVD or Deluxe Blu-ray edition (outside of the U.S., order it here), you'll get a 124-page book (see above) that includes detailed notes on both the recording of each song with recording dates, the various recording personnel (including George Martin, Geoff Emerick and Norman Smith), the chart history in both the U.S. and UK and the story of the making of each video, with filming dates, directors and locations. (See picture below.) The songs are discussed in a two-page entry that also includes a photo. 

For example, for "Help!,' which is represented on the set from the session done at Twickenham Studios on Nov. 23, 1965 and not the movie, the text discusses the history and recording of the song, Beatles comments (in this case, John Lennon saying it was a cry for help) and where the video was first seen (the BBC's "Top of the Pops" show). 

Additionally, there's an 11-page appreciation of all the videos by Mark Allen in the front of the book. The book is only available in the deluxe three-disc set that includes two DVDs or Blu-rays and the remastered/remixed CD.