Sunday, November 1, 2015

Countdown to the Beatles "1" DVD/CD - What's in store, part 3 of 7: The jukebox feature

Apple Corps Ltd.

With the release date of the "Beatles 1" and "1+" DVDs coming this Friday, this is the third of seven advance looks of what you'll find. (See the rest of this series and all of our coverage of the new release at this link.)

Want to set up your own playlist of Beatles videos? Each disc has a jukebox feature that allows you to program up to 27 videos at once. You can do individual videos and even repeat some if you wish. So want to watch all the early videos, all the later ones, all the ones with "Let It Be" clips, or just your favorite songs? You can do any of that. 

Order the DVD or CD, which comes out Nov. 6 around the world at this link. It has order links for the versions for the U.S., the UK, Germany, Japan and Canada. And catch up on the rest of our coverage of the Beatles "1" and "1+" DVD/CD set at the "Beatles 101" link at the right.