Saturday, June 25, 2016

Two new unauthorized Beatles documentaries

Here's some info on two new Beatles (or related) DVD documentaries coming Aug. 16.

Shami Media Group

"Scream and Shout," which will be out on DVD Aug. 16, is a look at their first American tour. Not all the footage, surprisingly, is the usual public domain footage, because we saw at least one interview that seemed unfamiliar. Most of the footage in the hour long film, though, is of fans and promoters. In it, Beatles collector Mark Naboshek and musicians Andy Timmons (who made a "Sgt. Pepper" cover album a couple of years ago), John Bryant and Paul Averitt discuss the group's music. If you have Amazon Prime, you can stream the movie at this link.


The other is "I Killed John Lennon," which tells yet again the story of Mark David Chapman and includes audio of him in his interviews with journalist Jack Jones. It'll be on the street from the Wienerworld label also on Aug. 16.

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