Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fake 'Pure McCartney' CDs reportedly found on Amazon

A copy of a real "Pure McCartney" (MPL/Concord Music Group)

Word on the McCartney website board is that there are fake "Pure McCartney" CDs being sold by some third-party dealers on At least two users have reported them.

One user reported the back cover on the fake had a brighter white paper stock with a darker and blurry font. The UPC code had the seller's name over the original bar code. On the front cover, the image is much darker, pixilated, with a loss of detail in the shadows on Paul's face, slightly pixilated texts and blurry gold font with a different sheen. Inside, the black and white images are darker and more crude. Gold toned images are either faint or too dark with little contrast. The inside covers show signs of being handled.

We're hoping to get more on this, but for now... (thanks to Patti M.) (And just to ease some minds, we're talking about third-party purchases. If you bought them directly from and not a third-party, you should be ok.)

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