Saturday, August 20, 2016

More on the new October Beatles issue of MOJO

MOJO Magazine
MOJO magazine has released more info on their upcoming October issue that's tied in with the release of the "Eight Days a Week" film. It will include interviews with Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia (who talk about their first and last Beatles shows -- “There was a special roughness, a looseness on that day…” Ono says of the Apple rooftop show), plus info from Mark Lewisohn and Klaus Voormann on the Beatles in Hamburg; Barry Tashian and Ed Freeman on the 1966 US tour; "The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl"; Larry Kane on what it was like on their tours in '64 and '65; and Jon Savage on their final UK shows; how drugs affected the band; two deluxe Beatles art prints and a CD with 15 songs that done by the Beatles in Hamburg, including "Mister Moonlight," "Nothin’ Shakin’" and others " and more.  

“It wasn’t like we’d placed a wreath on the live Beatles,” Ringo tells MOJO’s Andrew Male. “The rooftop gig showed that we could still do that stuff. And we could maybe have gone out live again. It didn’t happen. But it was never like, Oh, that’s dead, the Beatles are dead. It was always a possibility that we would do it again. (to Paul) and you, in fact, tried one time to get us to go out again, didn’t you?”

“But you didn’t listen to me!” says McCartney in mock outrage. “I listened,” replied Ringo. “It was the others!”

You can order it online here.

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