Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Movie news: 'Eight Days'/'Shea' report, new trailer and S.F. Bay Area screening news

Richard Porter, who leads the London Beatles Walks (more info at the Beatles in London website) was among the first to see "The Beatles at Shea Stadium" special footage that will air with "Eight Days A Week: The Beatles Touring Years" in theaters at a screening in London. He posted a lengthy description of what he saw on his Facebook page and he has graciously allowed us to print it here. (Thanks, Richard.)
Just back from the screening of The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium. It was held at a private cinema in the basement of the Soho Hotel, literally around the corner from Trident Studios, where the Beatles recorded Hey Jude, and 2 minutes from MPL in Soho Square.
The film was introduced by Jonathan Clyde of Apple, who told us that when 'Eight Day's a Week' was being planned, that it was decided to add something extra to the cinema released, and Shea seemed to perfectly fit the bill. It was shot in 35mm and therefore ideal to be shown in cinemas. The original showing in the UK was on TV, in black and white, which didn't really show it at it's best advantage.
Giles Martin produced the audio, and reduced the screams using the same software as he used for the Hollywood Bowl CD.
The film itself was just of the Beatles 30 minute performance, so didn't include the support acts. The picture and sound quality was amazing and brilliant to see on a big screen, as the shear immensity of Shea Stadium, and the occasion, really come across.
The highlight is certainly I'm Down, with John going totally mad at the keyboards. It's also great seeing John and Paul singing eyeball to eyeball on Ticket to Ride.
John is his usual rebel self, being the only one to have his jacket unbuttoned. I also love the scene with Brian Epstein watching 'his boys'
I'm really glad Shea is being shown at the cinema - go see it!
To answer the question you are asking, there's been no word that the footage will definitely end up on the "Eight Days" DVD that's coming in November, but that's certainly on everyone's wish list.

But here's some news for those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area. We'll be hosting the "Eight Days"/"Shea" screening at 7 p.m. Sept. 16 at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood in Berkeley. We'll watch the movie with you and talk about the Beatles. Look forward to meeting you all.  

And here's a new trailer for the movie posted by the UK Guardian:

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