Friday, September 2, 2016

Unboxing the Hollywood Bowl CD

If you've heard me talk about the Beatles new "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" CD (which comes out on Sept. 9) on a recent edition of "Things We Said Today," you'll know I'm very pleased with it. It sounds wonderful. I know there are probably people who will complain about the little reverb added to the vocals, but honestly, I don't mind it. And the screaming does seem to have been turned down slightly. The overall experience is great. It's wonderful to have this out, finally.

But look at the inside of it, the booklet has a few references to scenes in the movie, and some nice graphics. There's also a card that announces the DVD/Blu-ray for "Eight Days a Week" will be out in November.

Here's a look at it. (Photos copyright Apple Corps Ltd.) Be sure to order it, if you haven't already, at the Amazon link above for the U.S. or below for other countries.

You also order it:
at for Great Britain
at for Canada
at for Japan
at for Germany

The album
The booklet
The card inside.

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