Monday, December 19, 2016

Internet petition demands McCartney take downloads out of 'Flowers in the Dirt' reissue

Capitol Records/MPL Communications LTD. 

An internet petition has been started asking Paul McCartney to put the download-material on the deluxed edition of the upcoming "Flowers in the Dirt" reissue on physical CDs. The petition, started by Eugene Sokolov, which minces no words, reads:
We, Paul McCartney fans, are extremely disappointed by the fact that the forthcoming reissue of the classic album Flowers In The Dirt by Paul McCartney will include some great tracks (b-sides, remixes, alternate versions) only as download. The price of the deluxe set is high enough and those who buy those expensive sets deserve actual CD's but not downloads.
Please reconsider the set, otherwise we will not buy it. Please stop hoping that fans are so stupid and blind and will buy everything you put out.
The link to the petition.

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