Friday, March 31, 2017

Ringo and Paul have remastered 'Sgt. Pepper' ... are we next?

Former Paul Revere and the Raiders guitarist Keith Allison posted an interesting story on ;his Facebook page. Keith is a good friend of Ringo Starr.
If you're a Beatle fan you might like this this story...I know I do. So today is the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper album being released.
A couple months ago I was at Ringo's home. We were in his man cave watching tv, when a delivery from England came in. It's was from Giles Martin, George Martins son. What's this? It's the Sgt. Pepper album remastered. I said, "I haven't listened to this in I don't know how long." Ringo exclaimed, "You haven't heard it in a long time? I haven't listened to it in decades." So we decide to listen to it on his high def top of the line system. So here we are sitting on the sofa, facing the Tv, muted, but with soap operas playing. We listened to every track together. I thought, this is a historically great moment. Sitting here with my friend, listening to Sgt. Pepper, that he's on as a Beatle, and that he hasn't listen to track by track, since it came out.
Only two copies of the remastered Sgt. Pepper album were sent out, one to McCartney and one to Ringo, to be approved by them both. So what did Ringo think? He thought it was great! Why? Because it originally was recorded on a 4-track with a lot of over dubs, which buried the drums. Now, the drums have been lifted and come through as they should. He was pleased. You'll be glad to know it was remastered at EMI Studios where it was originally recorded.
I remember the first time I heard Sgt. Pepper. It was in Carmel, at Raiders drummer Mike 'Smitty' Smith's home. He got an advanced copy prior to its release. We sat there listening to it, in its entirety. Revisiting certain songs.
Happy 50th Anniversary, Sgt. Pepper!

So Ringo and Paul have it. Are we next? What do you think?

Update: The Beatles website has changed its home page look. Getting ready for a big announcement, maybe?

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