Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ten questions for Klaus Voormann (with KLOS-FM's Chris Carter)

Chris Carter, host of KLOS-FM's "Breakfast With the Beatles," asked 10 questions of Klaus Voormann on March 7. He sent them to us. Here they are (photos courtesy Chris Carter):

Question 1: "Vegetarian or meat eater?"
Klaus Voormann: "Vegetarian."

Question 2: "Favorite bass guitar to record with?" 
Klaus Voormann: "For me… Fender Precision."

Question 3: "When listening to Beatles, do you prefer stereo or mono?"
Klaus Voormann: "I would prefer stereo, but the mono mixes are much better."

Question 4: "Do you prefer a hot shower or a bath?"
Klaus Voormann: "I’ve never had a bath, I’ll always shower."

Question 5: "All time favorite Manfred Mann recording?"
Klaus Voormann: "Mighty Quinn."

Question 6: "Were the Beatles a better live band with Pete Best or Ringo Starr?
Klaus Voormann: "Ringo Starr."

Question 7: "What song that you play bass are you most proud of?"
Klaus Voormann: "Jealous Guy."

Question 8: "Do you have a working record player in the Voormann household?"
Klaus Voormann: "No, I wish I had. What I’d really like… what I have is a quarter-inch tape. I don’t have that machine anymore."

Question 9: "Not including 'Revolver,' your favorite album cover that you’ve designed?"
Klaus Voormann: "Turbonegro."

Question 10: "And my last question, Joe Walsh has this copy of 'Revolver' that he carries around with him at times… What is the story behind that? Do you know? He said that he bought it at a thrift shop, and he says that it’s the original artwork for 'Revolver.'"
Klaus Voormann: "Could be that his story is the truth, that there was a shop and he bought it. What did he say $1,500? That could be right. But he didn’t buy the original."

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