Sunday, March 27, 2016

Japanese group Love Psychedelico covers the Beatles (and John Lennon) and encounters Yoko Ono

I was looking through a bargain bin the other day and found something by Love Psychedelico, an electropop group led by two Japanese female singers. I'd never heard of them, but what attracted me about their disc was the fact they covered the Beatles' "Help!" When I saw the imagery and energy in their official video for "Freedom" that was on the disc I bought, it reminded me of both Yoko Ono and the Beatles' "Real Love." The first video below is not the official version, but a good live version. And, interestingly, Yoko Ono appears for about a second at the beginning of it.

While their cover of "Help!" didn't do much for me, their covers of "Hey Jude," and, even better, two John Lennon songs, "Watching the Wheels" and "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)," are very very good. Take a listen.

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