Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Pure McCartney" .. finally a pure reality, but not without some screwups

Concord/Hear Music

Concord/Hear Music
We were the first to report all the details and tracklists for the new "Pure McCartney" album as it was finally announced today. The story is on our Paul McCartney Examiner page. (The news there is not duplicated on our Beatles Examiner page, so please subscribe.)

It'll be available in 2-CD, 4-CD Deluxe (with a book) and 4-LP vinyl versions. The first fan reactions to it have been extremely mixed with those loving it, those wondering why certain tracks aren't there, and others wondering why it's coming out at all. For what it's worth, he hasn't had a full compilation since 1987's "All the Best".

The cover was revealed prematurely Wednesday night in a screwup by Concord Music, which posted it to their press site, then took it down. Order links also went up early on Amazon and were also taken down, then put back up today. 

Our friend Bob Gannon made another interesting discovery pre-ordering the deluxe album on iTunes, which allows you to get seven downloads in advance. He said all seven preview links were wrong -- and he is absolutely right. "Maybe I'm Amazed" plays "Here Today"; "Jet" plays "Great Day"; "Listen to What the Man Said" had "No More Lonely Nights"; "Uncle Albert" plays "Winedark Open Sea"; "Live and Let Die" had "Goodnight Tonight"; "Save Us" had "Don't Let it Bring You Down" and "Say Say Say 2015" had "Big Barn Bed." We just checked and they're still messed up. And interestingly, doesn't have it listed, though the Evening Standard did a story on it. 

Be sure to check out the blog post before this one with some details from Wednesday night, including the "Pure McCartney" album already out there. 

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