Saturday, March 26, 2016

Update: Klaus Voormann charity single going, going …

A self-portrait of Klaus Voormann.

APCOR Records, the guys putting out the 1,000-copy limited edition vinyl Klaus Voormann single for charity, said this week that the single has been pre-selling very well. They expect the disc to ship in late May or early June.

For those who missed the original information, the short story is Klaus Voormann has authorized a special release of a demo he made for Apple Records called “Lu La Le Lu.” The two-sided vinyl disc features the demo on one side and a rare cover of the song by Wishful Thinking on the other. Proceeds are going to the The Intereuropean Human Aid Association (IHA). More details are here.

The disc is available through the A Is For Apple book website. A limited edition of 250 copies that will be signed by Klaus Voormann will be sold for 50 Euros (approximately $55.05 USD, £38.67 UK) with worldwide shipping included. They said that price will stay valid until April 15, when it was rise to 75 Euros (£59.28 UK, $83.76 USD)for the signed copies. (The Fest For Beatles Fans announced today they will also carry the signed version of the single with U.S. shipping for $98.) The remaining unsigned 750 copies will sell for 15 Euros (approximately $16.51 USD, £11.60 UK), also including shipping before April 15 and 20 Euros (£15.81 UK, $22.35 USD) after.

The incredible Mr. Voormann put out a solo album, “A Sideman's Journey,” in 2009. It included “I'm in Love Again,” with a vocal by Paul McCartney and drums by Ringo Starr. It also had many other guest stars.

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