Monday, July 18, 2016

Journalist's 'Beatles Archive' book expands for print edition

“The Ray Connolly Beatles Archive,” which collects the veteran British journalist's stories on the Beatles that spans their career, is now available in paperback in both the U.S. and in the UK, Connolly told us today.

The original ebook featured 336 pages with stories dating from 1962 through 2011. The new version, Connolly said, is “an updated version with about 10 more pieces, including an account of John and Yoko when they first went to New York to live, a couple on George Martin (one an obit), one on how the Beatles changed the self image that we Brits had at the time and another on Freda Kelly. A few more, too.”

We've been always thought books like these with reports from the day are valuable insights into Beatles history. This one is definitely that. Connolly was on the scene for the events of Beatles history he writes about in his book. That makes it well worth getting, whether in print or ebook form.   

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