Sunday, July 17, 2016

Some notes from the Beatles 'LOVE' 10th anniversary

Some thoughts after the Beatles “LOVE” 10th anniversary in Las Vegas we attended:

  • On Thursday, the day of the show, The Beatles Shop at the Mirage started selling a LOVE 10th anniversary program in addition to the original one. There are some pictures on this page. There are pages in the new program devoted to the Beatles family with quotes from Paul, Olivia, Yoko and Ringo, plus pictures of the new show. You can see a few pictures here. For those not coming to Vegas, they do mail order, though there's no online link to the store. Their phone number is (702) 792-7729. The bundle price for both programs is $65. (Yes, you read that right.) As I recall, they were selling them separately, though the bundle pack comes in a slipcover. 
  • The Beatles Shop is a great place to visit, but be prepared to bring money. There are a lot of tempting things, and if you look hard enough, there are markdowns. We found a LOVE iPOD case for $20.
  • People started lining up for the red carpet event on Thursday in early afternoon. The red carpet arrivals started about 10 minutes late. We were down at the end of the red carpet, so everyone walked by us at the very end. Paul and Nancy were the last to walk by us. They stopped once in the center to pose, didn't say anything, then moved on. Strangely enough, with Paul and Ringo in the house, life went on and gambling never stopped.
  • The "LOVE" show, which is a stickler for starting on time (and not letting people in who are late until a break in the show) started about 10 minutes late for this. The celebs were pretty much in their seats when the public came in. We could see Yoko and Sean from our seats, but there were others who could see Paul and Nancy clearly. The brief statements after the show were touching and really made the show. They should add something like that after the show as a permanent ending.
  • "LOVE” has temporarily taken over the Beatles' official website, which is showing clips of the show first thing when you go to the site and has a lot of information regarding the 10th anniversary.

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