Monday, July 4, 2016

New Arthur Alexander compilation

The Beatles were big fans of songs done by Arthur Alexander. They released "Anna (Go To Him)" on LP and also covered other songs he recorded like "Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)," "Where Have You Been" and "A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" on either the BBC or in Hamburg. 

This week, Jasmine Records is releasing a new compilation of his work called "Lay Down Your Arms." The company says the 27-track CD includes all his early recordings for the Dot label in 1961-62, including "You Better Move On," "A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues," "Where Have You Been," "Soldier Of Love," "Anna (Go To Him)," "Go Home Girl," and the stereo version of his LP "You Better Move On," plus his rare debut single, "Sally Sue Brown"/"The Girl That Radiates That Charm," on which he was billed as "June Alexander" (instead of Junior). Quite a talented man. Good to see him get some recognition again.  

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